Nicaraguan Destination Wedding + Fashion Shoot

Nicaraguan Destination Wedding + Fashion Shoot

Collyn and Isaak Hurst invited 30 of their best friends and family members to Central American retreat in Nicaragua to celebrate their wedding for a week. They brought me along to document two very important days. Our first shoot was a day in Grenada, Nicaragua, where the couple – two days from their wedding day – acted out a sultry display of love and fashion in one of the oldest cities in the America’s.


Along with several friends and family, we wandered the streets for half a day. We integrated with the local people – a young boy on a bike, a barber, cows, and some local law enforcement officers – to create a unique body of work that accentuated the couples’ attraction and sex appeal.


I loved that we captured images of Collyn and Isaak individually – as well as a couple. These two are deeply in love, but also nurture a strong sense of autonomy. This happened organically in the photographs.

Two days later, the couple was married in the backyard of a beautiful villa in the mountains above the Pacific Ocean. The ceremony was intimate, small, and full of love. The group partied late into the night and by the end of the night, groomsmen were pushed into the pool and Collyn and Isaak began their life together.

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